The Most Difficult to Recycle Household Items

In this modern time, the problem of managing our waste is increasing day by day. We are all facing this problem and we should find out the best way to get rid of it. Every day, numerous items are produced in the factories and end up in the landfills and streets. This is not good.

We should be recycling and reusing the things in our homes the most we can. To reduce the waste in our surroundings, we have to follow the rule of three R’s, Recycle, reuse and reduce.

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Some household items like plastic bottles, containers, newspapers can be recycled but there are some other items which are not easy to be recycled. What can you do for these items?

Do you know that there are various household products which are impossible to recycle? Read below to learn about the best solutions to use or recycle used products.

Items Which are not easy to Recycle

Did you know that some of the items which we use can’t be recycled? When you have these kinds of items at your home, then it becomes necessary that you use them many times and not throw them.

First of all, let’s check out the list of materials at the house which can’t be recycled easily. We need to get creative to get rid of these and not think of them as a waste. Here are some of the best tips and ideas to create with the items which can’t be recycled.

CDs and DVDs

It is very difficult for the manufacturers and re-processors to manage the old and scratched up CD as they are made up of aluminum and polycarbonate materials. If you have got CDs or DVDs which you do not want anymore, then you should find out the best way to recycle them or reuse them.

You can use them by breaking them up in pieces and using them in beautifying your things like boxes, frames, and dresses.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are used for the protection of items to avoid breaking them when you purchased them, then what you can do with them afterward is something to give a thought.

You can reuse the bubble wrap to pack some breakable materials to make them stronger before storing them. The best way to deal with bubble wrap is using it again and again till it gets completely damaged.

Citrus Fruit Netting

When you purchase citrus fruits, they come packed into nets and these nets are harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. So, it is better that you use these bags again for packing your vegetables or other goods. This way you won’t have to use plastic bags either. These unbreakable bags can carry your vegetables for a very long period.


It is made up of PVC and when its structure is changed, some harmful fumes can come out of it. These can be highly dangerous for your health and it can become impossible to recycle this. You can use the film to wrap other items expect food. It won’t be dangerous to use them afterward if you won’t pack food with it.

Silica Gel

These packets can be found in various products you buy in your everyday life. These come with food items, shoes, bottles, bags and various other things. Sometimes, we just throw them in the dustbin and there is no way to recycle them.

These gel packets can be used to keep electronics from getting moisture and that’s why you can put these packets wherever you don’t want to get moisture.

Pill Packets

Nowadays medicine packaging is easy to use, but it is very difficult to recycle it. These are made up of plastic and aluminum and they just end up in the trash when empty.

The best way to recycle pill packets is by using then in some art and craft projects for your kids, but first wash them properly.

Broken Plates

Many years ago, the Romans used broken plates to build building foundations but in these current days, broken plates are used nowhere and end up being in the landfills of the cities polluting the whole country.

Like using CDs to decorate other materials and objects, you can also use broken plates to create mosaic designs on different products at your home. Have your kids try it.

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Dental Hygiene Products

Most of the dental hygiene products are made up of plastic. Whether it is a toothbrush or toothpaste tubes, they create a huge amount of garbage in the local landfill.

You need to find out the best recycling programs where you can use them to make trash bins, cutting boards, and various other cute handmade items.

Razor Blades

Razor blades are thrown into the trash bin after being used in the refillable razors. There are also other products which are available in the market but they are expensive and not so popular so people end up using throwable razor blades with the razors.

You can buy the best quality of razor blades which can be used for more than one time and if you are not saving the blades, then you can send them to the best recycling centers.

Cat Litter

First of all, you always need to remove the poop of pet to avoid getting diseases with it. There are only a few people who will like to use it as compost as it will take time to deal with it.

But if you are an green-conscious citizen, then you need to recycle the cat little by using it as compost in your flower gardens, but ensure that you don’t use it to fertilize crops. Use gloves to handle it but prevent your kids from playing near it.

Time to Recycle!

Now you know the ten best ways to reuse and recycle your household items, and you should start following these tips today.

You can also share this information with your friends and family members so that a clean and pollution free society can emerge. The most important thing which you have learned here is to be creative with the items which some people consider as waste.

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