Did You Know Mattresses Are Recyclable

Usually, a mattress is a 23 cubic foot assembly of steel, wood, polyurethane foam and cotton. They are made to last for a long time with good use and durability.

It is usually quite difficult to recycle mattresses made with these materials. It is not obvious but it contributes to environmental hazardous if not properly recycled. That’s why many waste removal companies have taken a step forward to try to recycle mattresses. You can easily keep mattresses out of landfills by recycling these mattresses into various new and usable products.

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Why does recycling mattresses matter?

Various materials are used to made mattresses. Many of this materials recyclable in nature and thus we can put them to better use. When a mattress is placed in a landfill site, then it will add an amount of trash and waste to what we have out there. It is estimated that tons of mattresses are found in landfills already.

The recycling of mattresses matters a lot because it is more helpful and beneficial to the environment. We can reuse the items in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way by breaking down mattress into their raw products.
Which parts of the mattresses can be recycled?

You can easily recycle an entire mattress. It will all depend on the quality and type of mattress if you decide that its time is over. All you have to do is give the mattresses to a proper waste company so that they can recycle it for you. Mattress disassembly is the first step in this process. The different materials in the mattress are broken down and segregated. Then they are placed into large bins for better and easier transport to their recycling designation.


Fabric, covers, and fibers are the most difficult part in mattress to recycle. The reason behind this is that they can become a source of contamination. There are also limited end markets for such kind of materials, unlike mattress metal spring and foam. By using generated energy the fabric can be processed into refused derived fuel.

The end products of fabric breakdown can be used as maintained alternative to fossil fuel. You can easily create renewable energy and heat with this process which is more sustainable to our environment.


Almost all mattresses have a layer of latex and foam which make the mattress padded and comfortable to use. With specialization in waste to energy generation, the foam of mattress is either baled or sent to plant of energy generation. Many other recyclers opt to clean the foam and then manufacture it directly into industrial carpet underlay.

Metal spring

The metal spring of the mattress is one of the easiest parts to recycle. In a metal recycling plant, they can easily be melt down and processed. They can be cast and formed to create new metal products and light iron right after they are melted down.

How can you recycle your mattress?

It is becoming easier now to recycle your old mattresses because of the existence of reliable waste removal companies. Such companies offer different options for recycling worn-out mattresses for you. Because your mattresses would not end up in a landfill then you can prevent adding to environmental waste.

What to do with your old mattresses?

Now that you know that your old mattress has valuable materials which can be recycled, you need to decide what to do next. There are some options that you can consider and make your last and final decision taking into account with ease and cost-effective way.

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Go back to original store of mattress

Whenever you are thinking to buy a new mattress to replace your old one, you can easily ask at the store itself. They might be able to provide you help will all possible recycling aspects. You can ask them to offer different services of hauling away your old mattress for effective recycling.

Look for a local recycling program

If your community and city hold local recycling program and make sure to ask each and every detail. In case they offer bulk waste collection and proper disposal facilities then you may ask if these include mattress.

Call a second-hand store

Many second-hand stores one can ask for mattress donations. They accept this worn-out one for proper and effective recycling services.

Find a waste removal company

The best choice on the list will be to find a reputable and reliable waste removal company like us. It is necessary to know how to recycle mattresses and also its components. By doing so, they will be able to haul for proper segregation and recycling.

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